A Space Odyssey with Little Monsters

To explore the ultimate unknown of time, space and universe are permanent endeavour of human being, scientifically, fictionally, philosophically. KIJA presented the futuristic collection in little monster shape, as an invitation to fly our thoughts and feeling into the space. Metallic and mirror reflections, cuteness in contrast of sharpness, big in size while light in weight, silk belt matching multi-layer of acrylic, all to create the modern way of wearing fashion jewelry.

The Alchemist's Poetry

Inspired by the rhythmical elegance and philosophical simplicity from Chinese poems in Tang and Song dynasties, KIJA created this collection in tribute to ancient Chinese culture with modern interpretation. The boundless and delicate words selected from two of the most famous poems, the curving and flowing lines, the strongly contrasted bold color, the subtle pastry color stones and the richful texture are all delivering one idea - The pursuit of poetic in words and life are universal and timeless. Wearing the glowing pieces in extravagance or discretion as if walking with creature enlightened by the Alchemist who existed in mystery in both east and west world. East meets west here, in totality.

Fox in Wonderland

Speedy and sharp cleverness, uncertainty, spirituality and beautiful look, all these traits make us falling love with foxes. KIJA finds it also echo and resonate with the peculiar fairytale `` Alice in wonderland``, for its modernity and fantasy in popular cultural interpretation. In various and imaginative forms, this collection is also playful in a metaphor of fox chasing rabbit - Are you willing to follow your wildest or secret wish to fall into the rabbit hole?